How to Explore Tuscany On a Budget

Tuscany can be a bit expensive which is why some people would take months to prepare their budget just to make their travel possible. However, what most tourists don’t know is that it is also possible to travel Tuscany even when you have a minimum budget. It only takes some skills and knowledge about the place for you to know which alternatives can provide you with lesser expenses and provide a great value for your money. So if you’re on a tight budget but want to pursue your travel to Tuscany, then you should consider our advice on this one.

Focus on the flight – Every traveller knows that the flight is the most expensive expenses you’ll have for your travel. But if you’re keen on looking for cheap flights, then you’re in for a treat. There are promo tickets being posted from time to time and if it happens that a trip to Tuscany is a part of that and there’s a noticeable price drop, don’t hesitate to book it right away. You will surely thank yourself that you did and always be on a lookout for that one since a lot of people also dream of travelling to Tuscany as well.

Search for an alternative accommodation – There’s no doubt that hotels are an expensive accommodation and not to mention that not all of them even has a 5-star rating. The only thing you have to keep in mind is that what you need for your accommodation is a place with a roof, a clean bedroom and bathroom. These conveniences aren’t only limited to hotels but also to cheap accommodations such as hostels, dormitories, and many others. So consider these alternatives to save some expenses.

Travel with friends – There are certain transportation, accommodations, and activities that offer discounts if you’re travelling as a group. It would also be wise to do this if it’s your first time to travel to a big place like Tuscany since doing everything with a group will divide your expenses to smaller numbers. Also, it would be more fun to do your travels like this.

Enjoy street food – If you’re new to travelling, then you should know that eating street foods is the best way to experience local foods. In Tuscany, you’ll be amazed to find that street food are what most of the locals fancy in eating there. They have a wide range of street foods for you to choose from and the taste doesn’t differ that much compared to what you will be eating in restaurants. So make sure to give this alternative a try, and you will surely be saving your money on your food expenses.

Use public transportation – Exploring a place using public transportation may not always be easy to understand at first but once you get used to it, you will surely be amazed of its convenience as well as letting you get a good glimpse of the entire place. Using public transportation will also help you have a good mix amongst the locals since you will be able to witness the Tuscans’ daily routines. Above all, it’s the cheapest way to explore the place compared to riding a taxi or using rental cars.

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