How to Live Like a Local in Tuscany

When you’re travelling, the best way to make the most out of your travel experience is to live like a local. Living like a local would mean that you eat at their traditional restaurants, dress the way they do, speak their native tongue (or at least know some key phrases), and much more.

In Tuscany, Italy, doing what the locals do will surely pay off. You will be amazed at how beautiful their culture is, and you may feel like not leaving from the place ever again. So if you want to maximize your experience in Tuscany then check out this advice on what locals do there.

Learn the style – The thing about Italians is that they sleep later and wake up later. This means that you have to do various rituals that range from the late afternoon passeggiata to the later aperitivo wherein they are essential a warm-up for your main dinner. Try to loosen up in this region by doing these rituals, and you will have a good time like a true Italian.

Order un caffe – Apart from wine and pasta, Italians are also serious when it comes to their coffee. Ordering one of these will give you a surprise because un caffe would mean that it’s an espresso unless you provide some specifics. You can also ask for a ‘lungo’ if you want a stretched espresso or a ‘corretto’ to add some liqueur. It would be great to learn these terms because it will impress the locals and it will feel like you’re trying to blend in.

Argue about the best gelateria – No one will mistakenly think you’re an Italian until they hear you arguing about where can you find the best gelateria in town. You should learn the basics first before you can pull off your expertise on this one. As a basic knowledge, gelato is somewhat similar to ice cream but it contains more milk and less cream, churned in a low speed, and its soft content has got lots of flavors in it.

Attend the Mass – Italians are always pleased to see visitors participate in a mass or drop in on a baptism. They are always delighted to see people heading into their church or chapels and then celebrate it with style at the trattoria right after the service.

Dress up – Wherever you may go, no matter how simple or exclusive it’s going to be, you will barely see an Italian that’s underdressed. This tradition would mean that you have to frequently check your wardrobe so that you can blend in with some of the best fashionistas in the country.

Travel with your family – In Italy, you’ll always hear Italians refer to ‘mi familia’ in every second sentence. That is because Italians always treasure family in everything they do. So to make your travel more lively, you should do it with the whole family because they will surely appreciate how you give so much importance to them.

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